If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said “I have an idea,” I’d be one rich cat.

But my life revolves around using my ideas to help people like you get paid to do what you love. Because the optimism of creating has done so much for me that I can’t help but share it.

You see, creativity is one of the most powerful tools we have. I think thats freakin awesome. Like, bottomless guacamole awesome. 

Let me tell you a story:

I grew up in New England with adventure-scratched knees, colored pencils, and wild works of my own fiction where I heard my creative voice for the first time. At 13 I experienced sudden loss, and grief that triggered an autoimmune disease. I subsequently poured myself into more artwork, writing, and creative endeavors.

At 16 I stayed up late building my first blog about cooking with an autoimmune disease, redesigning it nearly every day for fun. Yeah, I found a way to make my disease fun. 

At 18 I bought a DSLR and a ticket to Europe where I crossed borders, snapped photos, and learned that the world was more overwhelmingly full of people and stories than I had realized. I made a campaign to use bucket lists to raise money for charity, determined to use what I knew about technology and marketing as a force for good. A plane in France eventually brought me back stateside where I knew I needed to make changes and make art.

Two months later, I was in my little red Jetta, driving across the country to Arizona to become the visually-oriented storyteller I am now. ASU taught me design, web development, and all the tools of the trade. I live to make and I learned to make for a living.

And the making ensued. 


Making things keeps me optimistic, and thus keeps me sane. I had one of those stare-at-the-ceiling nights a few months after I landed my first design agency job. I noticed a pattern: whenever something hard happened in my life I’ve used it to make art. 


When faced with a massive pile of job rejection letters, I turned them into an origami poster series. When I came face to face with a bucket of health issues related to autoimmune disease in my later college years, I started another blog about healing and cooking Paleo (ellefait.com.) I eventually wrote a cookbook, and got so obsessed with mastering food photography that restaurants started hiring me to do their photos and I had unknowingly birthed a business. 
From that realization on I knew I needed to offer design and photography services to help makers and dreamers–people who know how to build big beautiful things out of what is seemingly broken or useless.

Whatever you make, whatever your craft is, you do it because you can’t not do it. And I understand that in my soul.

I help the makers and dreamers of the world master their marketing with brand photography and website design. So yeah, I help you get paid to do what you love. And that whole process? Thats kinda what I love.
If I’m not yelling about previously aforementioned ideas, editing late into the night, or sketching my next big idea, I’m probably blogging, standing in line for coffee, eating a salad, happily staring at maps, or walking my dog.

Moriah Brooke Creative currently operates out of Scottsdale Arizona, with frequent visits to New York City. I can be located wherever you need me to be for your specific project!


I’m getting antsy from all this writing. Let’s go make something together. 


I grew up making cardboard office cubicles and running a “company” in my parent’s basement, so we shouldn’t be surprised that I’m here making a website for my own business today. Here are a few things that have kept my entrepreneurial fuel burning through the years.

  • I love any/all tile floors
  • My rescue dog is essentially my child
  • I’m in love with New York City
  • 10/10 you’ll find me dressed in black. 


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