There are a lot of reasons why people become artists. For me, it’s always been about the optimism.

Because the optimism of creating has done so much for me that I can’t help but share it. You see, creativity is one of the most powerful tools we have. I think thats freakin awesome. Like, bottomless guacamole awesome. 

Whenever life has handed me a challenge or an obstacle I’ve learned to use it as an opportunity for creative problem solving. The more I’ve traveled the more I’ve realized that there are a lot of other people who have figured out that same thing.

The world is full of big-hearted, talented creatives who have built businesses out of the need to solve a problem or add a little more light to the world. I’ve made it my mission to help those go-getters get the photography and marketing they need to make a bigger impact.



I graduated from ASU with a degree in Graphic Information Technology with a focus in Web Development. In other words, I have a degree in being the person you go to when you need branding, marketing, design, and coding or some combination of those things. I’ve worked in the branding and design world for a while and love both the strategy and the creative sides of the biz.

The main focus of my business is my food and restaurant photography work, which is a world I stumbled into after creating my blog: I’ve shot for brands including Purely Elizabeth, True Food Kitchen, Fox Restaurants, and The Pierre Hotel. 

While my focus is photography and marketing in the food and hospitality world, I do take custom WordPress website design projects and other branding and marketing clients on a case-by-case basis when I have an opening. Feel free to book a call with me to talk over your ideas!

Moriah Brooke Creative currently operates out of New York City. I can be located wherever you need me to be for your specific project!

A few of my titles.

I grew up making cardboard office cubicles and running a “company” in my parent’s basement, so we shouldn’t be surprised that I’m here making a website for my own business today. Here are a few extra names I’ve picked up since those early CEO days.  



Please excuse the dog hair covering everything I own. It’s all the fault of my fur child. (He pops on my IG from time to time.)



My favorite Thai restaurant now refers to me by my go-to order. Does this mean I’ve made it?



Aren’t we all though?



Yes, most of my names are food/drink related. But I’m a food photographer so can you blame me?

Ready to capture your brand?

You’re just one conversation away from getting your project started. Book a free call with me to talk about how we can help you stand out with custom design and  photography.