Hey there!

I’m Moriah: a nomadic photographer, designer, and visual storyteller on a mission to help makers tell their stories.

I’m simply obsessed with making things: websites, omelets, logos, cookbooks, travel plans, you name it. I live for act of making a mark and making good things come from what life hands me.

Design has been keeping me sane for quite some time now. It all started way back when I was a teenager and started my first blog. I got totally side-tracked by the website building and branding process, and I’ve been designing ever since.

I LOVE  seeing what other people make–people like you.

I look for you on Pinterest, Instagram, in little shops, and in hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You have such inspiring, unique, world-changing ideas! There’s a reason why you pour yourself into what you do, and I want to help you capture that story. It can be hard to practice your craft when the digital age requires that you master your online presence and marketing to reach your tribe. I’m on a mission to craft brand collateral for other makers so they can get back to doing their thing.

Brand Photography

I specialize in brand and food photography that makes your audience look up and take notice. Actions and visuals speak louder than words.

website design

Wordpress and all things HTML are my jam. I’ll help you build a new one from scratch, or audit and redesign your existing site.


Every touchpoint of your business should be cohesive with your mission. Logo, flyer, style guide, you name it.


There’s a reason why your website isn’t working for your audience. We’ll do a full audit and execute action steps for improvement.

I’ve been busy.

Hey there!

Hi! I’m Moriah, a nomadic designer, photographer, and blogger. Nope, my name isn’t Elle. Elle Fait means She Makes, and those two words sum up the best of who I am. I live for act of making a mark and making good things come from what life hands me.


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