Hey there!

I’m Moriah: a nomadic photographer and designer empowering makers to build lives and businesses they love.

I’m simply obsessed with making things: omelets, logos, photos, cookbooks, travel plans, you name it. I live for act of making a mark and making good things come from what life hands me.

Creativity has been keeping me sane for quite some time now. Today, this usually looks like me with a camera in my hands helping you give your dreams a physical reality.

I LOVE  seeing what other people make–people like you.

I look for you on Pinterest, Instagram, in little shops, and in hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You have such inspiring, unique, world-changing ideas! There’s a reason why you pour yourself into what you do, and I want to help you capture that story. It can be hard to practice your craft when the digital age requires that you master your online presence and marketing to reach your tribe. Stop doing #allthethings, friend! 

I’m on a mission to craft brand collateral and marketing strategies for other makers so they can get back to doing their thing.


Consider this your one stop shop for your social media and website photography. No more stressing about what to post next or using sterile headshots and stock photography to to represent your brand.

website design

There’s no way around it. No matter what kind of business you have, you need a website. If your site looks nice but isn’t leading to conversions, I’ll do a full audit and execute action steps for improvement.


Intimidated by the thought of trying to understand how to work your own website? Consider your private mentor session with me your get-out-of-website-jail-free-card for the rest of your career! 

I’ve been busy.