The Department | Branding & Identity

A design and branding project by Resound Creative .  

When you’re an entrepreneurial ecosystem with multiple service offerings based in an old department store in downtown Phoenix, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make when it comes to your branding. When a huge part of your marketing revolves around your booming coworking space (which are like, so hot right now), things get even more complicated.
The Department (a coworking space in Downtown Phoenix) approached us to do a Brand Workshop that included a description of who they are and a constellation of products. We started with the basics and focused on their values, personality traits and brand story.


 During the course of the workshop, and ensuing conversations, we realized that we were really rebranding the building that housed the coworking space. The building would move to the forefront, and the coworking space would stand in a line among the rest of their service offerings (events, retail, and office space.) This complicated things.
The rebranding process included several directions:
  • Building history (formerly Korrick Department Store.)
  • The building’s situation downtown.
  • The organization’s values.
  • The kinds of companies they wanted in the community.
After working through these angles as part of our naming exercises, the name “The Department” emerged as the final designation for the entire space. This works for several reasons, namely that The Department is the core offering of the workspace and the building. It’s emblematic of everything that goes on inside, and of the history of the space.


The next challenge was the logo.
We brought four solid options, one of which seemed to hit it out of the park. It tied together the personality, values, and location of The Department in a simple, clear-cut visual.
Our designer noticed that the street lines around The Department form a speech bubble, which also happens to look like the state of Arizona if reversed, or like a location marker. The prime location of The Department is one of the (many) perks to working there, and this visual also denotes the collaborative nature of the coworking space and other service offerings. The client also felt like this part was professional yet modern, and they could clearly see it working with their collateral.  


The next challenge was to work their specific services, like coworking and events, into the logo system, making it easy for people within the organization to use an execute. We created lockups of the logo, and also an additional design element that can be used in signage or under the service offerings. The client also had an artistic rendition of the Phoenix grid on the walls of the building, which we repurposed as a pattern in their signage. 


In the end, we developed a brand guide that simplified the application of the brand in the everyday, including rules for usage. We delivered a color palette and set of typefaces the brand could use repeatedly to find consistency and do what a brand needs to do: provide inspiration.
Created with the team at Resound
Moriah Sawtelle – Designer
Chris Stadler – Project Manager
Mike Jones – Brand Architect
Greg Orlowski – Creative Direction