Phil – Bucket List App for Charity

Phil is an original bucket list application, designed to promote personal goal setting while raising money for charity. The project was made for my senior capstone at Arizona State University in the Graphic Information Technology program. The process included research, branding, wireframing, prototyping, and user experience testing. The goal was to create an app that fills the world with change-makers, and empowers them with a tool to achieve their goals. Initial user surveys helped to identify app features that are most helpful for goal adherence. Research into the psychology of fundraising and the history of bucket lists helped to structure the app. The core function of Phil is to serve as a goal-setting platform that teaches users the process of setting SMART goals. The list of goals is then used to campaign for a charity of the user’s choice – like a walkathon, only in an app. Users simultaneously grow in meaningful ways while solving problems on a global scale.