Origami Rejection Letter Poster Series

None of us are strangers to rejection, and the subsequent feelings of failure and disappointment. Over the past 5 months, I’ve received nearly 50 rejection emails and letters — each which has threatened to make me believe the false notion that I am incapable of contributing my design and development skills to the world. Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Commencement speech, I took all of the letters that hurt me, and I made art. Each poster shows an origami shape created out of the type from the rejection letters that have had the biggest impact on me. I used some of my favorite fonts, and layered the rejection letters as if I were really folding something beautiful out of them. The series is a reminder to myself, and others, that rejections are no indicator of your competency or usefulness. Rejection means you tried something brave, and bravery is something you can make art with.