ICAN Website

This site was created for ICAN: a non-profit after-school program for at-risk youth in Chandler, AZ. The site is on every computer at the campus, and serves as a landing page for STEM programs. The challenge was to create a site that would lead the students directly to their programs, without them clicking onto other pages. We also wanted a user interface design that would make the kids really excited about using the site. Students from lower elementary through highschool all needed to be considered in the site design. The site also needed to be accessible by ICAN staff, who are untrained in web design.
The resulting site was hand coded and placed in a free WordPress theme, then documented for ease of use by ICAN teachers. The home page has large, color-coded buttons for the respective classes. Students can click on their assigned color groups and are taken directly to the lessons that the school has for them each day.