A website “Glow Up”

I am so excited to reveal this project!! Caitlin’s original website was built DIY several years ago, but she was ready to start 2020 with an upgrade and a new look to match her business growth. It was such a fun site to work on–even though it was on Squarespace, which isn’t necessarily my comfort zone. 

We started from a place of strategy–thinking about the ideal customer, their mindset, and how we could create a website that would help them make the decision to book a free consultation and start their health journey. Once the site layout was determined I sat down with Caitlin to go deep into her coaching philosophy and pull out some great nuggets for site copy. 

the website before the redesign 

Caitlin had a bunch of great client copy and some brand images that I used to fill the site. The rest of the design was made of custom textures and backgrounds in Illustrator, layered with bright photos. 

It was such a joy to be apart of helping Macros and Metcons gear up for 2020!

View the site walkthrough: